Europe has a long-term unemployment problem

Data source: OECD

What is long-term unemployment?

It’s the share of unemployed people who cannot find a job for 12 months or more, and it represents one of the biggest issues in terms of labor market and economic performance for the involved countries. Of course it’s a dramatic social malaise as well: “It’s one thing to lose a job, but it’s another not to be able to manage“.

If one considers total unemployment in 2012, the OECD countries have an average value of 34.3% for long-term unemployment. That is to say, more than one unemployed out of three cannot find a job for a year or more. But while USA is under 30% and South Korea is impressively around 0%, Europe shows the main problems.

ltuThis infographic shows the long-term unemployment percentage in Europe, 2012. The more a country is dark, the more it has l.t. unemployed. The minimul value is in Norway, 8.7% for non-EU country though. The maximum value is not in Greece as one might expect, rather in Slovakia with 63.7%. This means that the greatest part of the country’s unemployed people have been suffering that particular condition for a too long time.

It’s 53% in Italy, 45.5% in Germany, 44.5% in Spain, 40% in France, 34.8% in UK. As one can realize, the main European countries are far from being immune from this situation, and not only are anti-unemployment policies important, but more and more long-term unemployment needs to be tackled too.



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